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The Catflap Chats Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

What a whirlwind of an episode. I was lucky to get a quick hour with Ebanie, and she just brings raw, unfiltered chat with a lot of energy! 

World Title fights. Breaking your ankle on debut, and winning. Selling dirty socks. Trusting no-one. Creating your own luck. UK fight fans. Resilience. Not judging a book by it's...

Jul 19, 2021

Loved this. A promising career at the Ospreys with approx 80 caps, & talks of a Welsh call up, all stopped by repeated concussions, affecting Ben's everyday life.

Fast forward a few years & he is carving out a new career in Rugby, with @therugbytrainer on Instagram - Funny, insightful & engaging content for any rugby...

Jul 12, 2021

What a chat. Nicky is honest, and so relaxed about life, it's refreshing to see. What a career, playing for some of the biggest clubs in England, and also Wales, France and NZ. 

4 Rugby World Cups, a heap of stories, playing with the likes of Serevi and CauCau, but it's the simple things in life he loves. Friends,...

Jul 5, 2021

Unreal chat with Mason. It's been a mixed start to his UFC career, but I loved how brutally honest he is about it all, and I have no doubt he will be a UFC world champion in time, after being a 2 weight Cage Warriors Champion.

It is amazing a man who pays the bills with controlled violence, can talk to articulately and...