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The Catflap Chats Podcast

May 30, 2022

30 years+ years in professional Cricket, you see one or two things! Part of that historic 2005 Ashes win, and unofficially the go between (Agony Aunt) for players and management. I loved catching up with Dean, and chatting all things Cricket, Characters, and even a bit of Rugby for good measure. Some great stories,...

Aug 9, 2021

I loved this episode. To overcome a bike accident that puts you in a wheelchair, and then head to Tokyo as an Olympian, is incredible. 

Honest and raw about the lows of life, and the highs of competing. I can't wait to see how Thomas and Team GB gets on!

Thanks always Dragon Signs, Heatforce,...

Jul 5, 2021

Unreal chat with Mason. It's been a mixed start to his UFC career, but I loved how brutally honest he is about it all, and I have no doubt he will be a UFC world champion in time, after being a 2 weight Cage Warriors Champion.

It is amazing a man who pays the bills with controlled violence, can talk to articulately and...

Jun 21, 2021

What a fantastic bloke Greg is, and some personal journey he's been on. We actually hardly spoke about Rugby, so will be getting him back in for part 2.

We spoke about some really thought provoking topics - Mental Health, The Peoples Captain beers and how that started, what it actually stands for, society, social media,...